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Strategy Team

business strategy, business plan, northern virginiaAll businesses, large or small, need a team of strategic advisors, but maybe not all the time. Our clients leverage the Clarus BA strategy team members, as well as our network of proven professionals, to provide specific business solutions.

Clients hire each Clarus BA affiliated members and network partners directly, there are no hidden fees or agendas. The benefit of leveraging Clarus BA is that we have pre-vetted those we work with (after all it's our own reputation at stake here too!). We also “play well with others” – we will work with your existing team or we can introduce you to the people we know will get the job done.

A typical strategic plan would consider sales and marketing, finance, taxation, wealth management, operations, contracts, employees and more.  Through our network we will connect you to professionals of the highest caliber.

We also know that businesses do not succeed on strategy alone – which is why we have a network of implementation partners.

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