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How It Works

Business advisor team Northern VirginiaClarus BA is the combined resources of
  • The core strategic advisor firms, PLUS
  • Our extended network of trusted implementation partners


Personal and Business Growth

Our premise: Business owners work hard to generate an income that supports their family’s needs, to have some fun money and fund their retirement. The engine that drives this income stream is their business.

To maximize your personal income a strategy is required - one that grows the business, minimizes taxes, maximizes return on investments and manages risk.


Clarus BA – A Professional Team

The selection of an advisory team can be a gamble for business owners; Clarus BA offers a clear solution.

The Strategy Team members all share common values – a passion for professionalism and commitment to add value. Each member is experienced and has a track record of success. We are all business leaders with a thorough understanding of the issues faced by business owners, in addition to our own area of specialism.